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Heat Alarm

  • HD232
    • Sleek low-profile housing design
    • Low-battery warning
    • Battery case at the back of a detector for easy removal of a battery
    • SMD circuit board design-satisfactory quality and reliability guaranteed
    • Test button verifies battery and alarm operation
    • Sounding a loud alarm signal of exceeding 85db in alarm mode
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Five-year limited warranty
  • HK21
    • Rapid response and high precision NTC thermistors.
    • Built-in 10 years lithium battery – no battery changes for ever.
    • Install simply and quickly using screws (included) or almost instantly with unique 3M VHB adhesive tape.
    • Multi-function button: normal work test, silence alarm signal,silence low battery prompt tone.
    • Silence function to silence false alarms and temporally desensitizing smoke alarm, just press and release at once.
    • Alarm signal: Red light flashes, ‘beep’ prompt tone.
    • The operation mode: Normal mode, Alarm mode, Test mode, Silence mode, Low battery, 8 hours of low battery silence mode.
    • Conform to the standard: BS5446-2:2003.
  • HK200
  • HK201

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