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X200 stand-alone photoelectric smoke detector (hereinafter referred to as smoke detector) works with 3V lithium battery which is sealed in and with 10-year lifetime.
Product summary

X200 stand-alone photoelectric smoke detector (hereinafter referred to as smoke detector) works with 3V lithium battery which is sealed in and with 10-year lifetime. The smoke detector adopts our latest smoke chamber, which has fast smoke inlet and high sensitivity. The smokedetector also adopts the integrated chip specially used for photoelectricsmoke detector. It compensates the changes of external environmental parameters and judges the fire alarm by internal curing operation program of single-chip, and sends out alarm signal timely for early fire. Based on the existing functions of products in market, the smoke detector adds the characteristics of increasing alarm sound gradually and function of long-term environmental compensation, which can effectively reduce the false alarm caused by environmental impact to the smoke detector. The smoke detector adopts smoke chamber of infrared beam and light sensor, when the smoke enters into the chamber, smoke particles change the amount of infrared beam to light sensor. Once the received light intensity reaches the predetermined threshold, the smoke detector will send out alarm signal, the fire indicator light will flash and the buzzer will alarm.


• 10-year lifetime battery: No need for replacement, convenient  and cost-effective.

• Reliability and flexibility: Adopts integrated chip specially used for photoelectric smoke detection. 

• Consistent and controllable sensitivity: By production process of  calibration.

• Up to date smoke chamber: Fast smoke inlet, high sensitivity, low  false alarm rate. 

• Long-term environmental compensation function: Minimize false  alarm caused by environmental pollution.

• Gradual loud alarm mode: Three levels of sound increases successively to avoid abrupt alarm to users.

• Test mode: In normal condition, press mute/ test button for more  than 2 seconds and keep it, the smoke detector will start self-test. If it works properly, it will send out alarm with sound gradually increased and 1HZ cycle (alarm for 0.5s, stop for 0.5s), and LED will flash once per second. To exit test mode, release the mute/ test button.

• Self-diagnose function: In normal condition, when the smoke detector self-diagnoses malfunction, it will beep 3 times and not enter self- diagnose state. While there is no abnormality but low voltage fault, it  enters self-diagnose state and LED light (red) will be on for 2 seconds first, then flashes once every second with alarm sound increasing  gradually.

• Silence mode: When it comes false alarm, press mute/ test button(for  0.4~2s) then release, alarm will be canceled and keep silent for 8  minutes

• Low battery indication: When the battery is used up, the smoke  detector will beep once every 48 seconds indicating low battery, meanwhile LED light (red) flashes once.

• End of life indication: The smoke detector calculates service time automatically. After running for 10 years, it will beep twice every 48 seconds prompting the user that the smoke detector has expired.

• Alarm memory function: After the smoke detector alarms, it will  automatically exit the alarm mode once the smoke dissipates. LED  light (red) will flash twice every 384 seconds if mute/test button  is not pressed. While mute/test button is pressed(for 0.4~2s) and then released, the smoke detector will beep twice and erase  the alarm memory. After that LED light (red) flashes once every  384 seconds.

• Internal error indication: If smoke chamber degrades ,being polluted  or abnormal with self-diagnose setting parameter, the smoke detector will beep 3 times every 48 seconds prompting internal error of itself.

Technical Data:

Product type



3V CR17450 (10 year built-in lithium battery)

Quiescent current


Alarm current


Low battery alarm point


Alarm sound volume 

≥85 dB at a distance of 3 meters, a weighted

Maximum Humidity

95% RH

Operating temperature -10°C ~ 55°C
Sensitivity range 0.3dB ~ 0.5dB/m

EN 14604:2005

Dimension 55.4mm (H) x 86mm (D)
Mounting hole spacing 55mm
weight 105.4g (with mounting plate)

Dimension and installation







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