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• Photoelectric sensing technology
• Sleek low-profile housing design
• Low-sensitivity warning
• Low-battery warning
• Battery case at the back of a detector for easy removal of a battery
• SMD circuit board design-satisfactory quality and reliability guaranteed
• Test button verifies battery and alarm operation
• Sounding a loud alarm signal of exceeding 85db in alarm mode
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Five-year limited warranty

SD628 Series

SD628 Domestic Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Specification

SD628 is a smoke alarm designed to be installed on the ceiling, wall,and suspended lamps. When there is a fire and the smoke enters into the smoke chamber, the alarm indicator will flash and send out a strong audible signal to remind the user that a fire has occurred. In addition,the product has self-test,hush, alarm memory, low-battery fault and end-of-life fault function to ensure the alarm is in the proper service.The battery is sealed in the smoke alarm and does not need to be replaced. The product has low power consumption and can be worked for 10 years.

Product Features

• Can be configured as the suspended lamp base.

• Battery no need to be replaced, can be used for 10 years.

• Hush function, to hush the buzzer for 8 minutes when there is a false alarm. After a short “beep” the alarm is hushed with indicator flashing twice every second.

• Fault hush function, to hush the buzzer when there is a low battery fault, end-of life fault or internal fault. After a long beep, the alarm will not send fault sound for 24 hours.

• Low battery fault function, if battery is low power, the alarm sends a short beep with indicator flashing once every 48 seconds.

• End-of-life fault function, if alarm has worked for 10 years, it sends two short beeps with indicator flashing twice every 48 seconds.

• Internal fault function, if the chamber is degenerated or polluted,the alarm sends three short beeps with the indicator flashing three times.

Technical Data

Product type


Supply Voltage 



Lithium battery sealed for 10 years life 

Quiescent current


Alarm Current


Smoke sensitivity


Operational temperature

0°C ~ 45°C

Ambient humidity

10% ~ 90%

Alarm sound level > 85 dB at 3 meters
Conform to EN 14604:2005/AC2008
Dimension  64.2mm (H) x 126mm (D)
Weight  176.5g (with mounting plate)

Installation and dimension









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